During David Cameron’s PMQs yesterday it emerged opposition leader Ed Miliband has a rare condition where he has no memory of the 13 years that his party were in power.

PM Cameron and Labour leader Ed Miliband were debating the banking crisis and the fallout of the HSBC investigation that found the bank to have encouraged their customers to use Tax avoidance loopholes. Miliband bit at the PM saying “what are you going to do about big business avoiding their national responsibility”?, Cameron then decided to go on the offence saying “do you not remember the 13 years your government had to legislate against this behaviour?

Miliband then shocked Westminster by responding ” what 13 years?, I have no recollection of ever being in government,  I don’t believe you.

This is just another example of Miliband being an unworthy rival to Cameron, Miliband is bottom of the opinion polls which is suicide for Labour so close to an election. This is just another setback for the creepy Aardman like character who is more unsettling on the eye than seeing Dawn French nude.

A Labour peer Dave Jones took a few minutes to give his opinion “I think this has all been blown out of proportion, of course we made some mistakes during those 13 years, however I feel you are missing the point. We are not in power so it is not our problem.

A survey recently carried out saw Miliband’s popularity somewhere between Katie Hopkins and that annoying turd that you can’t quite scrape from your boot.